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Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Test for Travel

Test result within 30 min on whether you have a covid-19 infection. Travel cert. incl. if the result returns negative. We are approved by the Swedish eHealth agency for the issuing of EU DCC certificates.

Läkarintyg CovidbevisLäkarintyg EU

If you are experiencing symtoms of covid-19 please avoid visiting our clinics. Call us at +46 8 710 99 90 for information about how to proceed with testing.

Pricing in Stockholm


Evenemangsgatan 22, Solna - Läkarintyg Direkt

Antigen test for Covid-19 with travel certificate, test result in 30 minutes

  • Price

  • 295 kr

Solna torg 3, Solna Centrum - Läkarintyg Direkt

Antigen test for Covid-19 with travel certificate, test result in 30 minutes

  • Price

  • 295 kr

Myntgatan 33B, Falun - Läkarintyg Direkt

Antigen test for Covid-19 with travel certificate, test result in 30 minutes

  • Price

  • 595 kr

Before your appointment

  • Bring your passport number and ID.
  • If you are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19, stay home.
  • We only accept Swish and card payment.
  • Do not bring friends and family needlessly to the clinic.

Check which test you need

Do not mistake an antigen test for a PCR test. Some countries require a PCR test for entry, which is a more thorough and time consuming lab analysis. Antigen tests are often accepted as a complement, especially within the EU but make sure to check what is required by your destination.

The Lateral flow antigen test is a good option when you need a quick and cheap test result for ongoing infection.

It is also important for you to check further test requirements for entry, such as the time frame in which the test must be taken.

Up-to-date information on which test is required by your country of destination can be found Swedish ministry of Foreign Affairs’ app Resklar: App Store | Google Play
Or on the Swedish embassys’ webpage, Sweden Abroad.

If you are still uncertain, please contact your airline or the country of destinations own embassy.


If the test result comes back Positive?

One of our doctors will contact you for infection tracking and provide instructions on how to go forward. We recommend that you follow the recommendations of the Swedish public health authority on how to act when tested Positive.

Link to SPHAs’ recommendations


The travel certificate

As soon as your test result is confirmed as Negative a link will be sent to you via SMS, guiding you to the digital certificate. Once you have accessed the certificate you can download it as a PFD-file and choose between five different languages. Always check that your personal information and the passport no. is correct immedietly upon receiving the certificate.

We use the service Certify.Health as digital provider of certificates.


EU:s Digital Covid certificate

Läkarintyg Direkt is apporoved by and connected to the Swedish eHealth agency for the issuing of EUs’ standardized digital Covid certificates.

This means that you who are a citizen (including citizens of Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway) and their family members (who may be EU-citizens or third-country nationals) can request a Covid test certificate, formally abbreviated EU DCC.

You can check a box while registering before testing in order to receive this certificate. If the test result proves Negative, the certificate will be sent to your digital mailbox. We recommend this alternative for you who travel within the EU.


We receive clients from all over the world and the greater Stockholm area

Botkyrka, Danderyd, Ekerö, Haninge, Huddinge, Järfälla, Lidingö, Nacka, Norrtälje, Nykvarn, Nynäshamn, Salem, Sigtuna, Sollentuna, Solna, Sundbyberg, Södertälje, Tyresö, Täby, Upplands Väsby, Upplands-bro, Vallentuna, Vaxholm, Värmdö och Österåker


*Läkarintyg Direkt is not responsible for unclear, invalid or delayed test test results. In rare cases these issues can occur and if it happens the patient will be offered a new test free of charge or receive their money back. Läkarintyg Direkt is not responsible for potential costs or losses generated as a result of these issues, e.g. a missed trip.

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