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Certificate for workers or students abroad

If you’re settling, studying or working in a country where you’re not a citizen, and need to do a health checkup. We’ll help you with this and with filling out your form.

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Doctor's appointment - certificate för studying or work abroad

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About the certificate

If you are not only touristing in another country, a medical / health certificate is often required. Normally, you get to do a medical examination and answer questions about previous illnesses and medications. Some countries or employers also require samples and pulmonary x-ray.

Many countries particularly want to ensure that you are adequatly vaccinated. We work a lot with vaccinations and are happy to advise you which ones you need, even in addition to those required for the health certificate.

Exactly what is to be examined varies from case to case and very often there is a special form that needs to be be filled, signed and stamped by our physician.

Countries that often require a medical certificate are the USA, Thailand, Poland, and Kina.


We accept clients from all over the world and greater Stockholm

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Health certificates for every need

Are you studying abroad, signing for an insurance, studying for a driver’s license, applying for a visa, or doing something else that requires a certificate of health or qualification?

We at Läkarintyg Direkt will help you with your needs.


For example:

  • Studies/au pair/other work
  • Adoption certificates
  • Health certificates
  • Marriages abroad
  • Certificates for visas
  • Personal insurance

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