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PCR 1-2 h (Arlanda)

2495 SEK

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+46 8 710 99 90 | info@lakarintyg.se 

Before your appointment

Bring your passport number and ID

Payment alternatives: Card (visa/mastercard) or Swish

If you have symptoms, please stay at home

Do not unnecessarily bring family members or friends in to our clinic


Kliniken ligger inne på Elite Plaza Hotel ett stenkast från Stureplan

Välkommen till oss på Läkarintyg Direkt Stockholm City! Hos oss gör du smidigt och säkert Antigen (snabbtest) PCR-test inför din resa.

We specialize on fast results at the lowest price and with the best customer service. The clinic is open by appointments only. 

Vi öppnade den här mottagningen i September 2021. Sedan dess har vi hjälpt ett stort antal resenärer, med coronatest och reseintyg.

Other locations?
Vi finns även på andra platser i Stockholm: Arlanda, Solna Centrum, Arenastaden, Älvsjö samt skavsta. Se lakarintyg.se to book at any of these locations. We also perform testing in Uppsala and Falun (Dalarna). 

In need of urgent PCR test results?
Beställ vårt extra snabba PCR-test på Arlanda, så får du resultatet inom 2 timmar.


About the test and certificate

Research what test you need
Updated information regarding what sort of test is valid for the country you're traveling to, can be found at The Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs' mobile app, Resklar: App Store | Google Play
Or at the Swedish Embassy's webpage, Sweden Abroad.
If you're still unsure, we refer you to your embassy or airline company.

Test method
Your sample is collected by a nasopharyn-type-method, where a cultivation stick is inserted in the nasal passage for five seconds. In special cases, such as while testing children, we go collect the sample through the throat. For PCR tests the sample is sent to a laboratory for analysis. Antigen tests are analysed directly on the spot. The strength with PCR is that it returns a more accurate response, yet to a higher cost and longer response time. Antigen tests only take 15 min to analyse. Läkarintyg Direct only work with test-kits that have been approved for use by the European Union.

About the travel certificate
If the test shows negative we will send you 
an SMS containing a link to the travel certificate. You are now able to choose between five languages, in which the certificate can be displayed. It can also be downloaded as a PDF. We offer to print it at any of our locations during opening hours. The document is valid for travel to countries who allow entry, given that you test is negative for covid-19 and that the test is performed within the proper timeframe. 

We use the services of Certify Health to deliver the digital travel certificate. You do not need to download any specific apps to be able to get to your document.

EU digital covid certificates
Läkarintyg Direkt is connected to the European Union's system for digital covid certificates. If you are a citizen of a EU country, and are traveling inside the EU, we recommend that you request this type of certificate. If not, do not worry, all nationalities are welcome to test with us and you will receive a document for travel upon testing negative. 

If your corona test shows positive?
One of our doctors will contact you for infection tracking and guidance. We recommend that you follow the recommendations given by the Public Health Agency of Sweden: Isolate for a minimum of seven days. You should feel well and not have a fever at least two days before going outside. Link to The Public Health Agency of Sweden

LäkarintygDirekt is a part of Kumo Care AB (559273-4031). We are registered as a caregiver under supervision of the Swedish Health and Social Care Inspectorate (IVO).

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Vi har öppet enligt bokning! Se bokning för respektive station tack.

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LäkarintygDirekt is a part of KUMO Care AB (559273-4031).

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