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Why do we exist?

Issuing certain types of medical certificates is a low-priority area in healthcare, which often results in long waiting times or the healthcare provider being forced to deny the matter. When this happens, we will be the best option for you.

Health checks with carefully selected markers are developed by our doctors so that you can rule out any concerns and easily keep track of your body’s well-being.

Why should you choose Läkarintyg Direkt ?


We have many years of medical expertise in the business, which results in safe assessments and routines.

Commitment & Flexibility

We always try to arrange the best solution for you or your company and if we do not offer the service you are looking for, we try to recommend good alternatives.

In some cases, we can tailor a solution to suit your specific needs, even if the service is not included in our standard range.

What we do?

Health checks are gradually designed according to needs and budget. Choose if, for example, you want a large inspection annually or several smaller ones at shorter intervals.

Medical certificate issued by a doctor with Swedish identification. The most common are certificates for various types of professional practice with high demands on alertness, neurological stability and certificates concerning insurance issues. Some certificates also require that freedom from abuse be controlled.

A few examples are:

  • You who are applying for or renewing a driving license for a bus, truck or taxi.
  • Insurance issues that require a certificate of either freshness or illness / obstacle.
  • Seafarers, all types of shipping, always in accordance with STCW Manila since 2017.
  • If the certificate you are looking for is not on the website, we would like you to contact us at, and we will check if it is possible to arrange.


We focus on the customer and the individual. For us, this means that we must always do the right thing for ourselves and be available for questions and special needs.


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