Medical certificate requirements

Medical requirements

Here are listed the medical requirements in place for you to obtain a medical certificate.

The Driving License Law Sets High Standards

The Driving License Act places higher demands on those who want to drive e.g. truck, bus or taxi than other vehicles with lower licenses.

You as a driver are responsible and must follow the rules and regulations that exist. For higher qualifications, this also means that you must not have any illness that affects, or can affect, your driving in a negative and dangerous way.

You can read more about traffic medicine on the Swedish Transport Agency’s website and there you will find e.g. the regulations on medical requirements for possession of driving licenses, etc. (TSFS 2010: 125).

Visual acuity

The requirement for higher qualifications is that the driver has sufficiently good eyesight and the limit is 0.8 in visual acuity in the best eye and 0.1 in the worse eye (the limits apply with glasses or contact lenses). A small exception is the limit for holding a taxi driver’s ID, which is at least 0.8 in visual acuity with both eyes. The driver must not be one-eyed or night-blind and must have normal field of vision in both eyes. Dual vision must not occur. Note that some eye diseases require a certificate from a doctor with specialist competence in eye diseases.


Requirements are set that the driver must not have a disability that prevents the vehicle from being driven in a safe manner, and the driver must be able to help his passengers if he is driving a taxi or bus. If you have a disability that can be compensated by technical devices, you can get a driving license with a restriction to only apply to a certain type of vehicle with suitable technical equipment.


In diabetes, special requirements apply, and they are affected in part by the type of diabetes you hav,e and the treatment you recieve for your diabetes. As a rule, the medical certificate for diabetes must be issued by a treating, specialized physician.


For those who have epilepsy, ten years’ freedom of attack without drug treatment is required for driving licenses with authorization C1, C1E, C, CE, D1, D1E, D or DE and for taxi driver identification. Is there a risk of seizures, e.g. EEC changes, then you do not meet the criteria. In case of epilepsy, the medical certificate must be issued by the attending physician.

Hearing and sense of balance

Good hearing is required for driving licenses for buses and taxis. For driving licenses with authorization C1, C1E, C, CE, D1, D1E, D or DE and for taxi driver identification, dizziness and balance disorders must be assessed by a doctor with specialist competence in ear, nose and throat diseases, in order for a certificate to be issued.

Dementia and sleep and wakefulness disorders

Cognitive disorders that affect attention, judgment and memory as well as illnesses that involve sleep or wakefulness disorders can be an obstacle to having a driver’s license with higher qualifications or taxi driver identification. Dementia is an obstacle to driving license possession.

Alcohol, drugs and medicines

You’re not allowed to possess a driving license with a higher license or taxi driver’s ID if you abuse or are addicted to alcohol, medication or other drugs. If you can prove that you have been sober and drug-free for a period (via blood tests and medical certificates), you can get a driver’s license. Special guidelines apply in these cases.

Mental illness and disorders

In the case of psychiatric illnesses (eg schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and personality disorders) and mild developmental disorders, a certificate is required from a doctor with specialist competence in psychiatry who assesses any traffic risks.

ADHD, autism spectrum disorders and similar conditions

In the case of neuropsychiatric diseases (eg ADHD, ADD, ADHD or Asperger’s syndrome), an individual assessment is made on a case-by-case basis where any traffic risks are assessed.

Physician's obligation to report

All doctors have, according to the Driving License Act, an obligation to report unfitness to have a driving license to the Swedish Transport Agency, which here takes precedence over the duty of confidentiality. In such cases, the patient must be informed that the report is being made.

Renewal of driving license with higher authorization

Every five years, you must renew your driving license for C1, C1E, C, CE, D1, D1E, D and DE before the expiry date. After the age of 45, a medical certificate must be submitted stating that you still meet the medical requirements for eligibility. Before the age of 45, it is sufficient to submit a health declaration and a certificate of vision testing for the driving license to be renewed.

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