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Medical certificate for bus drivers

Are you studying to become a bus driver or are you looking to extend your license? In that case you are welcome at our clinic. We send your certificate digitally to the Swedish Transport Agency.


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Doctor's appointment - Bus license D1, D1E, D och DE

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  • If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, ADHD or heart disease. Please book with one of our specialists instead.
  • Bring identification.
  • Bring glasses or lenses (if you use them).
  • List of medications, if you take any regularly.
  • We only accept swish and cards as payment.
  • Please note that there may be additional costs if additional examinations such as X-rays, sampling or the like are required. Email us if you have any questions or want a cost estimate.

Medical certificate regarding higher eligibility

  • D1 = medium sized bus
  • D1E = medium sized bus with trailer
  • D = full sized bus
  • DE = full sized bus with trailer

What is the medical certificate for bus drivers?

When driving heavier vehicles, you carry great responsibility for fellow road users and passengers, entailing the requirement of a medical certificate that demonstrates good health.

The examination consists of a physical and psychological health check, check of medical history and questions regarding alcohol or drug abuse.

As we are handling everything digitally at our clinic, you don’t need to bring the medical form provided by the Swedish Transport Agency. If you need a printed copy we will provide one at the site.

Obtaining the driver’s license

Before you start your driver’s training you need to apply for driver’s license with the Swedish Transport Agency. In order for the application to be considered it must be supplemented with a medical certificate. The easiest way to apply is via the Swedish Transport Agency’s web service.

Extension of higher qualification

At regular intervals, you must apply for permit renewal to retain your D-eligibility. When the time is nearing to renew the permit, the Swedish Transport Agency sends out information to your registered Swedish postal address.

Your application for a renewal must be received by the Swedish Transport Agency before your eligibility period expires. If you have reached the age of 45 until the eligibility expires, you apply simply by submitting a medical certificate. With your approval, we will send the medical certificate to the STA after the examination is done.

What are the medical requirements for the various driver license eligibilities?

The Swedish Transport Agency divides the various driving license eligibilities into three groups.

Group I: Includes driving licenses AM, A1, A2, A, B and BE as well as tractor licenses

Group II: Includes C1, C1E, C and CE

Group III: Includes D1, D1E, D and DE and TAXI

The requirements for the medical examination to obtain a driving license vary between the different groups and are determined by the Swedish Transport Agency. The requirements are stricter in groups II and III compared to group I.


For group I, you must achieve at least 0.5 visual acuity when looking with both eyes simultaneously. It is accepable if you only have vision in one eye as long as your vision is at least 0.5. You may have some minor limitations in the field of vision and also a certain degree of double vision, as long as the double vision only appears when you look to the sides. You may also have some impairment of the ability to see in the dark.

For groups II and III, you must be able to see with both eyes and you need to be able to see at least 0.1 with the worst eye and 0.8 with the best. These qualifications also place higher requirements on the field of vision and you cannot have any type of double vision.

For the medical certificate, you may use glasses or lenses to achieve sufficient visual acuity, but for groups II and III, the refractive power of the visual aid must not exceed 8 diopters (this is stated in the prescription provided your optician). If you need corrective lenses to achieve sufficient vision, you must always use the lenses when driving a vehicle.


The requirements in groups I and II do not apply to hearing requirements, so you can be completely without hearing and still be qualified for such a driving license. For group III, you must have sufficient hearing to be able to communicate with passengers, if you need a hearing aid to achieve sufficient hearing, you must use this when you then drive the vehicle.

Other diseases

Certain diseases and conditions may be an obstacle or require more frequent checks for an approved medical certificate, especially for those who want to hold one of the higher eligibilities. This mainly applies to diabetes (see separate section on diabetes), cardiovascular disease, seizures and residual conditions after illness. If you have diabetes and want to get a driving license, it is not a definite obstacle, however, it is required that the disease is under sufficient control in order for us to be able to issue a medical certificate for diabetes. In these cases, we need to have a dialogue with your treating physician. You are always welcome to contact us for questions about this, preferably via email to ensure correct answers.

We accept clients from all over Sweden and greater Stockholm

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