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Driving with Diagnosis - Medical Certificate

For people with certain diagnoses, the Swedish Transport Agency requires a medical certificate when applying for a driving license permit. This applies to, among others, ADHD, ADD, autism, Asperger’s, diabetes, or heart and vascular diseases.


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Medical certificate driving license, Diagnosis: ADHD, ADD, AST, Diabetes.

  • Price

  • 1495 SEK

S:t Göransgatan 126, Stockholm

Certificate for ADHD, ADD, Asperger’s, Autism, Diabetes

  • Price

  • SEK 1495

S:t Göransgatan 126, Stockholm

Medical certificate driver's cardiovascular disease

  • Price

  • SEK 2600

Additional certificates

This certificate is valid for A and B authorizations. If additional certificates for higher authorization are needed, a fee of SEK 500 will be added. Medical certificates for higher authorization can only be issued after a physical examination at the clinic.

  • Price

  • SEK 500

Before the visit

  • Bring identification.
  • Bring glasses or lenses (if you use them).
  • List of medications if you take any regularly.
  • We only accept swish and cards as payment.
  • Please note that additional costs may apply if complementary examinations such as X-rays, sample collection, or similar are required. Email us if you have any questions or would like a cost proposal.

Medical Certificate for ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Related Conditions, and Cognitive Impairment

  • AM = moped class I
  • A1 = light motorcycle
  • A2 = medium motorcycle
  • A = motorcycle
  • B = car and light truck
  • C1 = medium heavy truck
  • C = truck
  • D1 = medium-sized bus
  • D = bus
  • E = heavy trailer

About medical certificates for driving with diagnosis

If you are planning on obtaining your driver’s license and have been diagnosed with Diabetes, ADHD/ADD/Asperger’s, or cardiovascular disease, our clinic welcomes you! According to the Swedish Transport Agency’s regulations, anyone diagnosed with the conditions mentioned above must have their medical certificate issued by a specialist. We can help you with this in most cases, except for type 1 diabetes, where we recommend consulting your treating physician.

Cardiovascular-related Diagnoses

If you have a cardiovascular-related diagnosis, a medical certificate may be required to obtain a driving license or maintain an existing one. In these cases, a specialist doctor with relevant experience is required to issue the certificate. The assessment is extensive and often needs to be supplemented with, for example, an ECG. The cost of a supplementary examination will be added in these cases.

ADHD, Autism, and Similar Diagnoses

If you have ADHD, autism, or a similar diagnosis, it is generally not a problem to obtain a driver’s license. However, you need to provide a medical certificate showing the current status of your diagnosis.

Why Book an Appointment for a Medical Certificate with Us?

Our doctors are trained in traffic-related medicine and have extensive experience in this area. The medical examination for ADHD/ADD/Asperger’s includes a review of your current medical state, your medical history, along with questions about alcohol and drug abuse.

Medical Requirements

Only those who meet the medical requirements, which are necessary concerning road safety, can obtain a driving license. Higher requirements are set for driving licenses with eligibility for heavy trucks and buses.

When you have applied for a driving license, the Swedish Transport Agency assesses whether you meet the medical requirements. If you have an illness or if there is another reason for the Swedish Transport Agency to conduct a medical investigation, they may require you to submit a specific medical certificate. In these cases, the Swedish Transport Agency specifies the type of certificate you are required to submit and a deadline.

If you have Diabetes, ADHD, ADD, or Asperger’s syndrome, it is usually possible to obtain a driver’s license. However, you need to present a medical certificate that shows the current status of your diagnosis, which the Swedish Transport Agency informs you about when you apply. There is a standardized form available, which the doctor fills in digitally.


A visual acuity of at least 0.5 is required when looking with both eyes (binocular). If you are going to obtain a driver’s license for a truck or bus, you need a visual acuity of at least 0.8 for the best eye and 0.1 for the inferior eye. You can wear glasses or contact lenses. In the case of certain eye diseases or other conditions that may affect vision, such as double vision, visual field defects, and night blindness, a certificate from a specialist in eye diseases is required.


If you are diagnosed with epilepsy, it is generally required that you have been free from seizures for the past year for a driver’s license for moped class I, motorcycle, or car. For driving licenses for trucks or buses, you must not have had a seizure during the last ten years. During this time, you must not have had any anti-epileptic drug treatment.

Medical certificate in other cases

There are also other diseases and medical conditions that may require a doctor’s certificate, for example for cardiovascular disease, mental illness and sleep and wakefulness disorders.

When you apply for a driviners license, you have to answer the question of whether you take any medication regularly. This may mean that you need to submit a medical certificate.

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