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Medical certificate for seafarers

We are connected to Sjöläkarwebben and issue certificates according to STCW Manila. We send the certificate electronically to the  Swedish Transport Agency, for your convenience.

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Medical certificate for Seafarers

  • Price

  • SEK 995

Before your appointment

  • Bring identification.
  • Bring glasses or lenses (if you use them).
  • Bring your result from a hearing test performed from e.g. Audika.
  • List of medications you take regularly.
  • We only accept swish and cards as payment.
  • Please note that there may be additional costs if additional examinations such as X-rays, sampling or the like are required. Email us if you have any questions or want a cost estimate.

This serviceability assessment is made by the physician in the light of

  • Health declaration
  • General examination
  • Vision and hearing test
  • The medical requirements vary depending on which sea area and position you are to serve in.

About the certificate

According to international regulations, everyone who works at sea must have a special medical certificate. When you as a sailor enroll, you must always carry your valid medical certificate with you.

When is a medical certificate required for seafarers?

In certain educations, it is a prerequisite for entry that the seafarer must be able to present an approved medical certificate for seafarers.

When applying for authorization for ship officers and engine officers via the Swedish Transport Agency, you must be able to demonstrate that the prescribed sight and hearing requirements are met. This also applies for special certifications for radio operators in GMDSS.

During service, all crew members on boats / ships engaged in commercial traffic, from a length of 6 meters and upwards, must have a valid medical certificate for seafarers.

How is the certificate issued?

The doctor performs a medical examination to clarify that you do not have any illness or other physical condition that could pose a danger to yourself or to others on board.

After the doctor’s visit

After the examination, you will recievea  medical certificate for seafarers which is on 3 pages divided into 8 sections A-H with the following information:

A – Seafarer’s information

B – Eye examination

C – Hearing examination

D – Health assessment

E – Other information

F – The doctor’s information

G – Signatures

H – General information

The original certificate should be carried on board during service. The certificate should be signed by the issuing physician.

Every medical certificate is issued in the Swedish Transport Agency’s electronic system – Sjöläkarwebben – where a copy is automatically sent to the Agency. There is no need to send the certificate by other means. After the certificate has been correctly registered into the seafarer’s registry, an e-mail confirmation will be sent to the recipient.

Sailor’s physician

Swedish medical certificates conforming with STCW Manila can only be issued by physicians affiliated with Sjöläkarwebben, the Swedish Transport Agency’s electronic service for seafarer’s medical certificates.

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