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Medical certificate adoption

For you who are going to adopt a child and have been required to undergo a medical assessment to determine medical suitability.

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Doctor’s appointment - Adoption certificate

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  • SEK 2,995

Before your appointment

  • Bring identification.
  • Bring glasses or lenses (if you use them).
  • List of medications, if you take any regularly.
  • Bring documents relevant for the appointment, if you have any.
  • We accept visa, mastercard and swish.
  • Please note that there may be additional costs if additional examinations such as X-rays, sampling or the like are required. Email us if you have any questions or want a cost estimate.

What is a medical certificate for adoption?

The Swedish social services can request a statement on the applicant’s state of health. In its investigation of consent to receive a foreign child for adoption, the social services must make an assessment of the applicant’s physical and mental health state (Chapter 6, Section 12 of the Social Services Act). Your certificate / statement is therefore an important basis for the social service’s investigators.

In the first medical examination for adoption, the Swedish family law unit – in addition to the medical certificate – In addition requires tuberculosis and HIV tests, however other laboratory tests may also occur.

The country from which the adoption is to take place sometimes has additional requirements for samples such as Hepatitis A, B and C.

What is included in a medical certificate for adoption?

Doctor’s examination, referral for sampling (additional costs may apply) and writing of the certificate.

Mental Health

The applicant’s mental stability and health are of particular relevance for the assessment of suitability for adoptive parenthood. Adoptive children have particular  needs for their parents’ emotional accessibility, sensitivity and support throughout their upbringing.

They need mentally stable parents, with such great self-reliability that they have the capacity to take care of a child who may be dismissive, give weak or difficult-to-interpret signals or arouse feelings of anxiety and insecurity.

In the event of illness, disability or mental difficulties, the medical assessment is particularly important as a basis for the investigator’s decision.

Information about the state of health is also important for those responsible in the child’s country of origin when choosing from various possible adoptive parents.


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