Medical Certificate for Work or Studying Abroad

Med. Cert. for Studies, Visa or Work Abroad

If you are about to study or work abroad you might be required to provide a medical certificate for visa or to your school. We perform the medical examination and fill out your form.



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Doctor's appointment - for studies, work or residency abroad

  • Price

  • SEK 1,695

Video Appointment

The online call option is only available for certificates concerning vaccination and those not requiring a physical examination.

  • Price

  • SEK 1,695

Items to Prepare for Your Appointment

  • Bring identification.
  • Bring a list of the medications you take regularly.
  • Bring the health form for the doctor to fill out. Fill in your parts in advance if you can.
  • If you lack any of the vaccines required in your certificate, it's good if you get these before the doctor's visit with us to reduce the amount of supplementary information.
  • Make sure to have all necessary vaccination documentation available during the visit. Please note that there may be additional costs if supplementary examinations such as x-rays, tests, or similar are required.
  • We only accept Swish and card payments.
  • Please note that additional costs may apply if the certificate is extensive and if additional examinations such as X-ray, sampling, or the like are required. To get an exact price, you need to contact us in advance.

About Medical Certificate's for Visa, Working and Studying Abroad

Many countries mandate a comprehensive health certificate. This typically entails undergoing a medical evaluation and detailing your past medical history, including illnesses and medications. Moreover, some countries or employers may ask for specific lab tests and a chest x-ray.

It’s essential to know that many countries prioritize ensuring that travelers are appropriately vaccinated.

The exact health requirements can differ. Typically, your educational institution or employer will provide you with the necessary form, which needs to be completed, endorsed, and stamped by a certified physician. Remember to bring this form to your appointment or forward it to us via email.

Nations that frequently ask for a health certificate include the USA, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Belgium, The Philippines, Spain, Pakistan, Thailand, UAE, Japan, Slovakia, and Poland.

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