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Disability certificate for insurance matters

For you who have suffered an injury and wish to request compensation from your insurance company. We have extensive experience of these cases and make a correct assessment of your damage.

Pricing in Stockholm


S:t Göransgatan 126, Stockholm - Läkarintyg Direkt

Disability certificate - Medical certificate that proves injuries

  • Price

  • SEK 3,000 - 5,000

S:t Göransgatan 126, Stockholm - Läkarintyg Direkt

Medical certificate for insurance compensation for scars.

  • Price

  • SEK 1,495 - 5,000

Before your appointment

  • Bring your ID.
  • If you have symptoms, please stay at home.
  • We accept visa, mastercard and swish.
  • Bring your letters from insurance companies and medical records.

What is a disability / invalidity certificate?

Have you been injured and requested compensation from your private insurance? – Then a so-called disability certificate is usually required, which shows the injury and determines the level of compensation.

A disability certificate is also required if you are seeking compensation for cosmetic changes, such as compensation for scars or insurance compensation for scars.

Important before the visit: Bring the letter from the insurance company containing the injury number and the name of your caseworker. We also need all medical records related to the injury to make a correct assessment.

The insurance company pays for the medical visit. When you are finished with us, we can invoice your insurance company, if you do not want to pay out of pocket.

There are many different types of private insurance that relate to personal injuries, including life insurance, accident insurance, as well as home and travel insurance.

Examples of private insurance companies that issue these include Folksam, Trygg-Hansa, IF, Hedvig, ICA, Länsförsäkringar, Skandia, Gjensidige, Villaägarna, and Dina Försäkringar.


We take clients from all over Sweden and the Greater Stockholm Area

Botkyrka, Danderyd, Ekerö, Haninge, Huddinge, Järfälla, Lidingö, Nacka, Norrtälje, Nykvarn, Nynäshamn, Salem, Sigtuna, Sollentuna, Solna, Sundbyberg, Södertälje, Tyresö, Täby, Upplands Väsby, Upplands-bro, Vallentuna, Vaxholm, Värmdö och Österåker.


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